Independent Damp and Timber Surveys

Damp Survey / Damp Report.

Unless instructed otherwise our initial damp surveys are non-destructive that is undertaken with an electrical moisture meter as opposed to taking drilled samples for calcium carbide testing or laboratory analysis. Contrary to popular belief these types of meter DO NOT always give a high reading on plaster surfaces and are an invaluable tool for an intitial investigaton by an experienced surveyor as they can highlight levels of dampness that may not yet be visible to the naked eye where further investigation is required.

Not all plaster surfaces register a high reading on an electrical moisture meter (see green light).

Timber Survey / Timber Report.

Depending on the scope of the survey and subject to any restrictions and limitations a careful inspection of all accessible timbers will be carried out for any ACTIVE woodworm and ACTIVE wood rotting fungi and  a report will be provided with recommendations for treatment required IF ANY.